¿Cómo tratar mediante biorresonancia a un paciente con cistitis recurrentes por E. Coli?

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¿Cómo tratar mediante biorresonancia a un paciente con cistitis recurrentes por E. Coli?

Mensaje  Mercedes Cavallé el Jue Nov 24, 2011 10:35 pm

Estimado foro,

Me gustaría conocer la experiencia personal de algún miembro del foro de biorresonancia BICOM con respecto al tratamiento de un paciente con cistitis de repetición por la bacteria E. Coli, de forma que a las pocas semanas de hacer la terapia no vuelva a recaer inveteradamente.
Un saludo,

Mercedes Cavallé

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Tratamiento remitido por el Dr. R. Moyses de Regumed

Mensaje  Admin el Jue Dic 01, 2011 10:25 pm

El tratamiento que nos comenta el Dr. R. Moyses (médico colaborador de Regumed) sería:

En un principio se debería también fortalecer el sistema imunológico. Además, se tienenn que respectar las reglas de hígene.
Se tiene que eliminar la bacteria E.Coli. que se encuentra en las bandejas de ampollas de CTT Test Kit Bacteria como Escherichia (B020).

Programas a tratar:

Se puede empezar con una terapia Base

998 o 944: Son programas Ai efectivos en estos casos. El programa 997 se podría utilizar pero suelen ser más afectivo los anteriores
570 – Aplicar este programa para incrementar resistencia;
430 – Desintoxicación del hígado. Usar como preparacion;
970 – Eliminación de toxinas. Se podría utilizar al final (Testar)

Colocación de los electrodos como se especifica en el manual.


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Respuesta remitida por Adrew Barrie, Energy Waves Clinic, (Australia)

Mensaje  Admin el Jue Dic 01, 2011 10:41 pm

Adjunto la respuesta sobre el tratamiento que nos ha enviado el terapeuta A. Barrie desde Australia.

Hi Javier:

Same as any other infection. Basic therapy with input from bladder (urine in input beaker – tiny amount on swab), output mat on back then program 971 or 998 (Ai program) first time with e.coli ampoule in input beaker followed by kidney program as detox.
2 – 4 days later repeat but use 978 instead of 971/998.
Below is procedure we teach including how to make up useful basic programs (1049, 1149) for cases of infection (excuse loss of formatting during copy and paste!)

Andy Barrie

If infections have been identified by testing, they can be treated using the ampoule in the input beaker as described above in section 4.8.2, using programs 998 and 978.
However, if several infections test positive in the first appointment and the priority is to relieve the patient of some of the allergic symptoms (so they can eat normally for example), then a general ‘infection calming’ program can be given as a basic therapy. This will reduce the stress from infections without taking time away from the allergy therapy. This is a ‘Di’ program and it can also be used for ‘first aid’ without testing, for example if a patient is booked in for an allergy session but turns up with an acute infection such as a cold. Since the advent of the Optima, we have also made a LDF version that can be used in conjunction with the standard program.

Firstly, make up and store the program(s) under the names and numbers below.

Program No. and Name Start Program Actions
1149 Infection calming 199 change time to 8 min
1049 LDF infection calming 3131 change Ai to Di, set Di = 64

You may also wish to store the following sequence with an extra LDF program for a longer and deeper treatment.

40049 Infection Calming 3013,1049,1149. (3013.0 is “regulating strain from pathogens”)
BICOM Optima Training – PRACTICAL © Biomed Australia 2011 Page 62

Using the Infection calming program(s) 1049 and 1149
Input: narrow strap around neck or magnetic articulated probe (fleximag) at C7 or fleximag or hammer on the area where the infection is located.
Output: hand balls (red cables) and large mat under the back but 150mm away
from the fleximag (at this distance there is insignificant magnetic field
interference between the two electrodes)
Input: drop of blood (not essential with neck input)
Output: drops
Chip: Yes

Additional supporting measures for strong infections are:
• First run program 998 but change it from Ai to Di. This gives a short treatment
at Di=64 instead of an amplification sweep from 0.025 to 64.
• Remember to use a program to open eliminating organs in the session
• Use an immune boosting program such as ‘thymus activation’ 428 or resistance’ 570.

Andy Barrie was educated in Scotland and has a BSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Atomic Physics. He spent most of his 26-year research career applying physics and chemistry to solving problems in environmental and medical research before looking for a career change and retraining in Bioresonance Therapy. One of his notable successes in the medical field was the development of an automated, non-radioactive carbon-13 breath test for detection of active Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria shown to be responsible for stomach ulcers by the 2005 Nobel Prize winners.


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Re: ¿Cómo tratar mediante biorresonancia a un paciente con cistitis recurrentes por E. Coli?

Mensaje  Contenido patrocinado

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